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PROTIPS 1: Make Up Edition



Hi all, this is Nicole and Shamin from GEA team! You might be wondering what is this all about.
Well, we came up with a series to help you guys with some quick tips on the Do’s and Don’ts for
interviews. I’m sure we have all been there, not being sure of what to. So here we are and we’ve
gotcha your back!

For the Interview Makeup Edition, we have summarised a couple of our favourite tips for presentable
interview makeup. So hope you have guys find it useful!

STEP 1: Match Your Makeup to Your Skin Tone
● The easiest way to match is to check the foundation shade on your face against your neck so that
you don’t look like a different person from your neck onwards.
● Make sure the makeup is complementary to your skin
tone ( eg.A pale lady would want to avoid heavy magenta blush, and a darker skinned woman would
want to avoid bright pink lipstick or light beige eyeshadow.)

● Go with colours that suit your undertone ( eg. If rm undertone, avoid pink and deep colours. And for cool undertone, avoid coral and nudish colours .)

STEP 2: Watch out for crazy Blush
● If you’re prone to deep flushing when you’re nervous or flustered, and anticipate an intense interview, you may want to go light on the blush you apply.
● you’re seriously concerned about getting red, considering using a green-tinted primer before you apply your makeup.

STEP 3:Avoid Clumpy Mascara at a Job Interview
● That being said, don’t go crazy with the mascara and end up with clumpy lashes. You want to look professional and polished – not like you just got home from a hectic night at the club. In the case of interview makeup, less is much, much more.

STEP 4:Natural Lip Gloss is a Lovely Choice for a Job Interview
● If you are inclined to use lipstick or lip gloss, keep the shade within a reasonable range of your natural lip color.
● Be careful with gloss: you don’t want it to look sticky, get smeared or dry up and leave nasty white residue.
● A thin, moisturizing lip gloss or even lip balm is a safe choice.

STEP 5:Mineral Powder is the Antidote to a Nervous Sheen
● If you’re prone to sweating or getting red when you’re stressed, a lightweight mineral powder will come in handy.
● Just dust it on your face, over your foundation,to set your makeup.
● Use translucent powder, for a more natural look.

STEP 6:Try Pencil Eyeliner for a Softer Look
● If you’re used to doing cat eyeliner, tone it down for your interview
● Rather than extending your eyeliner past the outer edge of your eye, end it right there.
● You can also use a pencil, as opposed to liquid liner, to achieve a softer, less harsh look.

STEP 7:Choose Natural Tones for Your EyeShadow

● Forget about the crazy, colorful eyeshadow. If you choose to wear eye shadow, it should hardly
be noticeable.
● You want to be able to make firm, confident eye contact while you answer questions, and your interviewer’s attention should be on your answers themselves, not on your loud eye makeup.
● Earth tones are a safe bet; and easy to apply.

● Although false eyelashes might make you appear awake and wide-eyed, save them for the company
holiday party

Here are some of our little tips and tricks that we hope help you with any last minute doubts. For
those out there blessed with perfect flawless skin well we envy you, but still some of this tips
may come in handy for you. That is all for now, stay tuned for more PROTIPS. This is Nicole and
Shamin signing out, CATCH YOU GUYS REAL SOON ;)!

Nicole Yep

Nicole Yep

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