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How much do you know about our Advanced Diploma?


How much do you know about our Advanced Diploma?

The advanced diploma is specially tailored for working adults to progress in their careers. Many of our students from reputable companies have taken the programme while working and gone on to receive promotions on graduation.

Balance between your Busy Work Week and Coming for Class.

Classes for the advanced diploma are between 2-3 times a month after work hours or on weekends to ensure that you can make it for class.


Afraid of Exams?

60% of your marks are from take home Assignments which are guided!
Only 40% of your marks are from Examinations. We have a 100% pass rate!

Do you have other Financial Commitments?

You can invest in your future using the following methods:

  1. Installments (We offer various plans)

Don’t forget that your investment will go along way to having a much larger income in the future!

Need more information?

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